Favorite Website to go to?

@Tresaqwe (376)
United States
August 9, 2010 5:35pm CST
Personally, one of my favorite websites, I'll wait to be shot, is facebook! I also like to go to deviantart.com to post my art. (sharky-babies.deviantart.com) And go to youtube to catch up on all my favorite video makers. :]
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• Singapore
14 Aug 10
As an aviation lover and enthusiast, I frequent aircraft websites like www.planespotters.net and www.jetphotos.net . Also, I love to visit youtube, again, on aircrafts, especially those on takeoffs and landings.
• Germany
10 Aug 10
number one on my list will be interpals, a great site to make new friends. the next would probably be youtube or gmail since i receive a lot of mails. i wouldn't add mylot.com for now because i am kinda new over here but it might be part in the future.
@ladym33 (11008)
• United States
10 Aug 10
I have several web sites that are my favorites that I go to all the time, but I like to write on line so most of the ones I go to are sites where people can post articls and such. I like Twitter because I can promote my writing on there. My favorite site is probably Gather because it is a nice community with nice people and I actually get paid for participating on there. Of course mylot is a favorite as well.
@megamatt (14327)
• United States
10 Aug 10
I would have to go with YouTube as my favorite website. There is just so many great videos on this website, that you could really spend all day on YouTube and really just checking out all of the videos. There is so much to do with so little time in the day. I think if you spent every moment of your life on YouTube, you would not be able to scratch the surface of what YouTube has to offer. Also, Wikipedia, while a lot of the material is suspect, it is good for looking up certain things for entertainment purposes. I wouldn't recommend it for doing serious reseach. However, in general, a lot of the information will point you in the right direction. I think Wikipedia is a great tool for entertainment and there are many links to go for more serious research. Still Wikipedia and YouTube are my two favorite websites.
• Indonesia
10 Aug 10
www.stumbleupon.com, well at first I was just curious about it. But now I'm addicted to it since I've found more and more interesting websites that others shared.