I don't want to have Enemies...any more..

August 10, 2010 9:26am CST
Hello Lotters, Ever since I became Letranknight25, i decided to start a new and not to have a fight again. of course, i couldn't help it with political discussions. to those whom i have offended there last election, i surely like to apologize, we all have something to believe in, just to save our country from devolving. regarding other things. when a lotter started a discussion about having millions of friends with few enemies, it strike me, and reminded me of my horrible mylot past. i had enemies too (two of them) but one was a friend who turned back out of paranoia..i know i should be forgetting it, sometimes i couldn't help it to bother. Now, i noticed some of my friends here having the same trouble as i did. i surely wouldn't want to experience that again. this is my shelter from the outside, i surely wouldn't want it tainted with "word violence" some were tried to get out of it by creating new username, but they still got to him... Nobody wants to have enemies. trouble is, such attention seekers drives you NUTS
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• Malaysia
11 Aug 10
Well, the more friends you made the more enemies you gain as well. Even though we try to avoid to have any enemies but they will come by themselves with any reasons available. We cannot avoid to have enemies though. The loud out enemies and some will be the silent enemies. So, I guess we can't escape from having any enemies in this world.
• Philippines
11 Aug 10
there is one particular person that annoys me(not you). but not really my enemy, i just couldn't believe such blunt and insensitivity. of course, they say it's normal, but i can't have it here on mylot.
@paula27661 (15899)
• Australia
11 Aug 10
What a shame that some people can’t escape nastiness here either! The ‘real’ world has so much meanness and a great lack of compassion a lot of the times and coming here should be a safe haven from all that! I don’t understand why everyone can’t just get along especially in a situation such as this one! I hope you don’t have any more enemies LetranKnight...
• Philippines
11 Aug 10
there is some that actually getting on my nerves that i deleted them out of my list. i don't want to have anything to do with them.for sure, i wouldn't want to be near them again. i hope their time passes by like ALL mylotters.
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@jaiho2009 (39001)
• Philippines
10 Aug 10
hello Letran, Uhmn,that is one fact i never known till now dear bro. I never knew you had/got enemies previously. But whatever reasons are behind your past,let it gone with the past. Yah,we can never say that,having enemies virtually cannot affect us. It did,just how real enemies were affecting us. I wish you can turn them into your best friends (enemy) And let's enjoy mylotting with more fun. Cheers dear brother
• Philippines
10 Aug 10
hello sis, maybe i haven't encounter you during that time since i had a different set of mylot friends cycle then, before they start going out on their private lives that is. it did affect me because he was my friend, and i treated him such. i didn't expect that from him, luckily i didn't reveal my entire self. it seems that you were safe from the line of fire back then
@ifa225 (11098)
• Indonesia
26 Nov 10
hello Letran, they said that u won't get 1000 friends without making a few enemies. :) so i guess we can't push anyone to not fight with us and make friends with all. just enjoy it
@Hatley (164450)
• Garden Grove, California
12 Aug 10
hi letran yes there are always a few even here who like to throw a monkey wrench into the mylot works just to make sparks fly. I hate it when someone picks on me and I do not want to fight back as its so childish. However if I find someone really giving a friend here on mylot a bad time I will speak up and not always gently either. I know I must be careful though as mylot does not like us being mean either. Most of the time its much easier to just report this person and their bad behavior.I also look at my lot as a shelter from the every day stresses.