are we all related?

@sarath49 (762)
August 13, 2010 9:15pm CST
it is believed that you share half of your chromosomes with your brother or sister and one-eight of the chromosomes with your cousins, so does that are you, me and all others are related, Obama related to Osama or Bush related to Gandhi.
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@damned_dle (3944)
• Philippines
14 Aug 10
Yes we are all related somehow. From the very first humans up to now.
@sarath49 (762)
• India
14 Aug 10
not only humans, but animals and plant too are said to have relation
• Slovenia
14 Aug 10
well, we are all humans, if you want to hear that, tha's one relation already xP as for the genetical chromosomes, I don't really think so, though you'll find people who have friends as their own sisters or brothers and sometimes even prefer them and get along with them even more than with their real sisters and brothers. So in some kind of way we are all related either personality wise, or genetical wise.
@jennyze (7048)
• Indonesia
14 Aug 10
This is a good point. If we all believe that the first humans are Adam and Eve, then you can bet that we are all related. So why the war, murder, rape,stealing, cheating, lying...
@2004cqui (2823)
• United States
14 Aug 10
So goes the genealogical vine.