How can i know?

August 14, 2010 5:06am CST
I just wanted to ask for a liitle help from you guys. If i respond to discussion and some one comments on my discussion. How can i know that some one commented on my response. Is there any sort of notificiation sytem or not!
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@owlwings (39596)
• Cambridge, England
14 Aug 10
Most of the notifications you receive can be controlled here: Notifications of when someone on your Friend list starts a discussion are controlled by turning notifications on or off against each person here: Notifications of when a discussion or a response is deleted cannot be turned off. Not all notifications seem to work all the time, especially if there are a lot of comments on a response. You don't get a notification if someone leaves a comment below one of your comments. If you don't seem to be getting notifications when you should be, first check your Spam/Junk folder to see that your email client is not filtering them. If it is, make sure that the three addresses listed on are in your address book or on your white list. If it seems to be a regular problem, check all of the above first and then use the 'Contact' link: to send a message to Admin.
@kd_fmay (555)
• Philippines
14 Aug 10
Hello alamsher007! I open my e-mail account from time to time and there I can see that mylot send me a notification. And also when I signed in here I make it sure that I visit my discussion started and discussion I've replied to. :))
• India
14 Aug 10
hey friend.. you can get the notifications from the mail you have entered when creating the account. for me its msn. but ya it would be better if the notification comes here also
@damned_dle (3944)
• Philippines
14 Aug 10
The poster above is correct. But if you want the notification on your home in mylot (like I want) then it is not possible