Do You Believe In Stars(Astrology)

@wiki_inc (166)
United Arab Emirates
November 17, 2006 6:24am CST
Well i am not !! and U
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@pakics (36)
• Pakistan
31 Jan 07
no i dont believe but some times i read horoscope just for fun
@valmiki9 (1171)
• India
19 Nov 06
yed I do believe
@jhawithu (1070)
• India
17 Nov 06
ya i m
@ecs_over (85)
• Romania
17 Nov 06
yes i believe in stars
@hcprasad (1013)
• India
17 Nov 06
My dear, First know the meaning of the word "belief". Without belief no body can exist. All the things in this world cannot be experienced by everybody. Hence sayings and experiences of others which we have not done or experienced must be believed. Just because I have not seen or gone with Mahatma Gandhi for India`s freedom, can I tell that I donot believe. Just because I have not seen my parents at the time of birth or before, can I say that they are not my parents and I donot believe. Think everything in a positive sense. Negative sense leads to arrogance and will not help to improve our knowledge
@Hemant83 (1282)
• India
17 Nov 06
well sometimes i belive in astrology. Not always. But yes i totally belive in Luck. If you have good luck no body can beat you. I think Astrology is part of our life.
@desiret (2124)
• Italy
17 Nov 06
yes i believe in astrology.
@deebomb (15322)
• United States
17 Nov 06
No. I do not believe in the stars as in astrology. I also do not believe in the horoscopes. I know of someone who's mother wrote them. She just made them up