How do you pass your physiological down period easily?

August 16, 2010 1:52am CST
We have been experiencing the periodic change of physical strength, mood and intelligence - the periodic rhythm since we were born. It is the imminence of down period when we feel exhausted, irritated, low-effcient, unfocused, absent-minded or unable to make a good judgment. How do you relax yourself at this time? Will you take some dessert, watch some comedy, listen to the music or take a rest quietly? Any good ways to share with us.
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@hbsztsyx (85)
• China
17 Aug 10
Hi,friend! Congratulation you are making progress! I have the same experience of you, it is suffering. However, we should confront these low moods. They give us a hint we should improve us now. So, think them over by heart and try to solve these puzzles. Only by this way, we can make progress and get rid of these puzzles. And then you will find you get more mature. So, don't be anxious,just think quietly! Good Luck for you!
• Bangladesh
17 Aug 10
Hi liweiwei0909 Everyone faces physiological change in life both it is positive and negative. Obviously you have asked a very good and important question to us and I am trying to share my feelings regarding what I do when I face Physiological down period. I try to focus for what I am feeling down both mentally and psychologically. I logically try to maintain my mind at that time focusing the positive side of life. I try to do exercise regularly for last ten years and it has become a second habit of me. I am a non smoker man and always give good emphasize on nutritious food so that I can keep myself feet. I also take plenty of drinks everyday and it boost up both body and mind. Moreover, often I practice laughter exercise when I stay alone and this really give me energy in my work throughout the day. Meditation is my very favorite which give me a balance mind and body. So hope I am able to share with you about some health tips which I maintain in my life. Last enjoy you life at fullest level. All the best
@picjim (3003)
• India
16 Aug 10
I try not to think too much about the situation which has got my mood down.I'll replay the events that lead to that situation and in future try and avoid taking decisions which lead to this.I read inspirational material,listen to pleasant music or watch movies or programs that lift my spirit.I love eating desserts,chocolate or have a delicious snack which elevates my mood.
@elmiko (6640)
• United States
16 Aug 10
i think we all can find the right mix of things that work really well for us in such down times. i like to do what all you mentioned in such times maybe with some slight adjustments.
@thanks1961 (7046)
• India
16 Aug 10
Hi dear, As you said, it is difficult to predict what we will do at such times. Probably, in my case, I will just get away from such situations. Or divert the mind into something else. Even in office or at home or anywhere else, the net result may be a kind of angry and hatred may happen. In such times, I don't like to listen to music or cannot change to a happy atmosphere. I always be prefer to keep alone and not to talk to anyone. Or revise the same incident in mind for several times and find some better solution to come out of it. Also, I will try to show how good result I can come with such situations. Any way, it is a difficult thing to handle such situations, because all are depend on various different factors. Regards, Thank-s