Would you consider migrate to another country if there is a job opportunity

United States
August 17, 2010 4:39am CST
It might be silly to ask, but not everyone would do it. Would you consider moving to another country which has total different culture from the states? But you might have better job opportunities, or there is a job instant need of you. Would you leave your family, and go for that opportunity? It will be a tough choice though. But if it is for me, and I am still single, I will definitely consider this option. Sometimes, I will consider moving to China, because it is just move up to the second largest economy in the world.
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@TrvlArrngr (4058)
• United States
27 Aug 10
I have relocated 3 times for my job to 2 different states. I would definitely do it again and would love to relocate to Europe. You learn from each place you live.
@udnisak (610)
• Australia
24 Aug 10
i will difinitly leave my coutry for a good job opportunity.. teh main reason is i am not family guy and i want to earn some serious amount of money.. i like to migrate to a country like australia.. i was plannig to go to uk but because of the economic crisis i changed my mind and i heard aussie survived from the economic crisis..
@jerikjames (1045)
• Philippines
17 Aug 10
You're right that is a tough choice. You have to choose between financial security and emotional security. Anyway, I think I would be taking the opportunity to work abroad since I'm still in the phase where I have to work to provide my necessities. However, the moment I acquired good job experience from it and have saved some, I think I'll return to my home country and work there. I would never want to live in another country than my home town and I would always always come back.
@akn1961 (1035)
• India
17 Aug 10
if things are better in other country and no discrimination is there and i can live with my near and dear ,i will settle there only ,we have devided this world in the name of religion ,caste,creed only ,god has given one name earth .
@kurumi (85)
• Singapore
17 Aug 10
A lot of factors play a part. If you already have a family before this opportunity knocks, then you and your family must decide. If you are single like you said, then i suggest working in your new country first to see if its the ideal environment you want, both for work and spending the rest of your life there. Of course, you have to consider your friends and family(like your parents) back home. But that said, i don't think its too bad a choice migrating to another country for work or even live there, since its a great opportunity and communications are so convenient nowadays you can contact each other everyday even though you are far apart. :)