some youtubers don't deserve to have more subscribers!

August 19, 2010 8:18am CST
I have an account in youtube too and posted over 60 videos there for personal use, not for popularity. But why do some users there get famous like having more than 100,000 subscribers when their videos are not worth watching for? One example is, there was a musician posting only one video but she got more subscribers mainly because she is beautiful but actually she can't sing! For me, you only deserve to be the most subscribed when you have quality videos that could be very helpful for people.
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• United States
22 Aug 10
That may be true, but not everyone likes the same thing. It's all a matter of preference, but I don't get why everyone likes Fred's channel for example, 'cause it's just silly.
• United States
19 Aug 10
People subscribe to what they want to subscribe, and I don't really think you should be the judge of what's quality enough for them to subscribe to. How do you know they subscribed just because she was pretty? What if they subscribed because they actually like her voice, no matter what you think of it? Or if they don't like her voice like you, what if they subscribed because they liked the song she wrote? I've subscribed to channels making student films. Some people consider that bad filmmaking. I think they're fun to watch. My channel, and I can subscribe to whatever I want.