United States
August 19, 2010 11:09am CST
I was cleaning out some old links. I had a link for the school where I did my student teaching. I was looking at the staff. I found out an older woman who I went to college with, who's very nice, got a job teaching second grade. While she deserves it, I've very jealous. I'm also upset because everyone seems to get jobs through connections and I have none. Am I being silly? If you were me, would you be jealous too?
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@gaiza12 (4889)
• Philippines
17 Sep 10
It's normal to get jealous just as long as you are not stepping into others foot. I too am envious with my friends that has a good job but im thinking that they have only been placed in that positions not because they worked hard for it or they deserve it but because of their connections. I will be getting the job that they have and i will be getting it through my hardwork.
@Philtrate (254)
• Ireland
19 Aug 10
I understand where you are coming from. I taught for 28 years in England, but cannot get a job in Ireland, where I live now, because of the 'I know someone' system. You have two alternatives, or more. Give up the idea of teaching and do something else OR Build contacts. You should also look at trying to earn money on the Internet, because you nevver know when it will be NEEDED.