Men's and women's idea before and after marriage

August 19, 2010 8:20pm CST
Last night, I found an interested progrem, there was a discussion among many people, all of them were from different countries. The topic is Men's and women's idea before and after marriage. Most of them agreed the following views: Before marriage, for men, they would wish that their lovers can remain consistent after marriage, just keep the lovely, considerate...; and for women, they would wish taht their lovers can become more mature, more excellent... In a word, before marriage, the man wishes his lover no changes after marriage, and the woman wishes her lover become better. But in fact, after marriage, there is a contradiction between the man and the woman. In the married life, the man is still the one before marriage, and the woman becomes more and more wordly. For this view, do you agree?
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@laydee (12813)
• Philippines
20 Aug 10
One thing that is always constant in life is "change". We can't help but encounter these changes in our life. The mere fact that men and women think differently doesn't prove any of them is right. It doesn't also mean that the woman becomes worldly nor the man conventional. Men may want their 'women' to be the same all throughout but there are times when these changes are necessary because of changes in the situation as well. Just imagine a woman taking care of a number of kids, I don't think she'd be perfectly considerate all the time given that sometimes kids are really noisy and things won't go the way we plan them out. Further, women may want their men to change and eventually be mature but we all know that change cannot be forced. I guess men and women need to think further before they even consider marriage. Else they'd be in a lot of trouble if they expect to be satisfied all their lives. Marriage is a vocation, not a vacation. Not everyone is made to be in the married life.
• China
20 Aug 10
Thcnks your sharing. In my opinion, both of the man and the woman would be changes during their married life. However, the trand of the changes can bot be foresaw, maybe as the way you expected, or maybe contrary to your will. I am unmarried, and confused that in the married life how do these couples deals with the changes between them?