what is your favorite childhood game you played and why?

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By Link
United States
August 24, 2010 12:57pm CST
I didn't really have any particular childhood games, I used to make up any imaginary type games with friends. What about you?
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@Memnon (2173)
27 Aug 10
I never enjoyed my childhood anyway. That's probably the best that I can say!
@celticeagle (118609)
• Boise, Idaho
25 Aug 10
Childhood games? Gosh such a long time ago. I used to pretend the mop handle was a horse. Had many hours of fun and frolic all over my grandmother's place and the neighborhood. I had some imaginary games too. Don't remember them all that well. I was a princess at my other grandparents place. On my dad's side.
@sirnose (2440)
• United States
24 Aug 10
My favorite childhood game was “cool can”. It consists of two sticks, a rubber ball, six cans of any type, and played with four players. Any way you would set-up the game on the sidewalk. You put three cans on one square of the sidewalk two on the bottom and one can on top of the other two cans. Then, you would pace off about 20 feet so you could set-up the other three cans. You would pick your partners who would play with you. Then we would toss a coin to see who would get first at bat. The losers of the coin toss has to stand behind the cans they were like a pitcher and catcher (the defenders) they pitch the ball at the other two player trying to knock over the cans in order to get their turn. While the other team tries to hit the ball so they could score points. You could score point by hitting the ball a great distance. You and your teammate would run from one end of the can set-up to the other end of the can set-up. The team at bat would touch the pavement square where the cans rested on for 1 point; you could score as many point as long as the ball was out of play and the other team could not knock your cans over with the ball. ...
• United States
24 Aug 10
I had this thing called sit and spin and I loved is so very much. It was full of hours of fun. Sitting and spinning around and around. I also like this game that I don't have the name for. it was a tower built by me and then I would blow it up and it would crumble to pieces. i think wonder woman was hooked up with that one..
@ench815 (465)
• Philippines
24 Aug 10
I enjoyed a lot of childhood games both indoor and outdoor. For indoors, I really liked jackstones and boardgames like snakes and ladders and scrabble. As I grew older, I still do the boardgames like pictionary, trivial pursuit and still, scrabble. For outdoors, I really enjoyed chinese garter, touching ball and a lot of filipino games like patintero, tumbang preso, sipa and many others. I recently taught my children how to play patintero while we're so bored during a brownout. These Filipino games are not so known anymore to the new generation as they have their computers and other gadgets like wii, playstation, xbox and others. I was so happy to teach them as much as i enjoyed playing too. I did enjoy hide and seek as a young child both indoor and outdoor, too. So much fun, so many memories. Glad you brought it back. Thanks.
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
24 Aug 10
I played hockey. My brothers and neighbors played hoclkey all the time, every evening around the house. So, I must have got fascinated with the game, and I would joined them. When my elder brother didn't allow me some times, I would cry and get so mad. That's what my parents told me. Today, no more playing hockey, just watch the game on the TV.
• Canada
24 Aug 10
I remember it was some "museum game." There was a museum officer and everyone else was statues. You had to stand as still as you can, and if the museum officer saw you move then you were out. People would always change their positions when the officer wasn't looking to throw them off.. Doesn't sound like fun now, but at the time it was a fun game.