Having kids before you get married?

United States
August 25, 2010 11:12am CST
So I am a college student and will be for quite a long time, my thing is I was always told that you should have kids after you get married so in my case that would be after i finish college. Im not sure if I want to wait so long to be a mother, My question is should I wait the 5 - 7 years to be a mother or get the party started now.
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• Philippines
25 Aug 10
finish your study first girl, and work at least 1 year of working experience so that your time and hard work studying till college will not be gone for nothing, try to enjoy being single , you can do all you want, work then buy all your wants. enjoy first before making a BIG BIG decision. ^_^
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@talida09 (51)
• Romania
25 Aug 10
Wait...your child deserves your entire atention...you education as well.Take the life step by step, don't push things to the limits.
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@flauee (92)
15 Sep 10
hi.. do finish your studies first.. you know how busy it gets when exams and deadlines are fast approaching. your baby deserves all your attention.
@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
6 Sep 10
Hi, From my point of view, you are still young and it is best to concentrate on your study,Once you have graduated,get a good job and settle it down. Of course, you can start your dating life now. Get the Mr.Right and enjoy your dating life while you are young. Don't always jump to final decision to be a mother. I believe you are still too young to think that far away. Being a mother is not an easy task. At first, you must prepare mentally to bring up our child and he may definitely take lot of your attention and your time. You won't be able to be so Free like now once you have become a mother. The most important is don't drag yourself into a big problem. Do your study and achieve with flying colours,that will be the best prize for yourself.
@eresilva (91)
• Jersey
26 Aug 10
Like they say about children,, you never know until you have them..
@maximax8 (28559)
• United Kingdom
26 Aug 10
I think that the best age for a lady to have a baby would be between the ages 24 and 29 years old. Then the lady would be in a stable situation that would help her provide a lovely home for her baby. If the lady is a college student perhaps she should spend a couple of years in her career before she begins having kids. It is possible to have kids as a single mother or as a married lady. Some ladies are in a relationship and they get pregnant by surprise. Rather than have chosen to have kids whilst a college student the pregnancy wasn't planned but become welcome. I got married at 22 years old and the next year had my teenage son. We got divorced six years later. I had another relationship. Then I had my toddler son when I was 34 years old. I was 36 years old when I had my baby daughter. I wouldn't have chosen to become pregnant when I was at university studying for my teaching career. I suggest you consider if you are ready to become a parent now. Maybe you could afford to wait until your stage in life seems ideal for having a baby.
• United States
25 Aug 10
Quick question, why is it that you think you have to wait until you're done with college to get married but you don't have to wait to have kids? Having kids and getting married are both pretty weighty responsibilities. Why is it that you think one is okay to wait and the other isn't? The reason I would say wait until after you're married is because you probably want your child to grow up in a stable home, and you're going to want someone other than your mother right there with you helping you raise that child. Children always do best when raised by both married biological parents. Not to say it'll never work otherwise, but it is a good idea to have a husband there with you.