Hoarding Mother

United States
August 26, 2010 11:27am CST
So my mother is a hoarder. Maybe not as bad as what you see on tv but she still wont get rid of anything. I recently started cleaning her house cause I need to make some extra cash. It is really hard to clean over there. First of all there's the hoarding so of course every surface is covered with junk. Then she has 3 cats and a dog in a trailer so there's hair everywhere too. I try my best to dust and get all the hair up but it's just too much. She doesn't throw any mail away so it's all piled up on the coffee table or the kitchen table. Mostly they eat in the living room on tv trays cause the kitchen table is always buried. Her main problem is knick knacks, things people have given to her over the years that she has no place for. I tried to help her clean out her bedroom but she still didn't want to get rid of anything. It's hard to clean her house too espcecially for me because I see all these little scraps of paper with random crap written on them that I just want to throw away but I know she will be mad if she can't find it. Doesn't make sense to me why people are like this?
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@SViswan (12071)
• India
18 Jan 11
I am a hoarder but not really a bad one and I like keeping things neat and organized. But my husband takes the cake. He throws away NOTHING and doesn't let us get rid of anything we don't need either...so I do have a lot of junk in my house that no one needs or uses and he is trying to bring in more!!!! Bus tickets, little scraps where he scribbles stuff.Earlier, I just took it in my stride and would get rid of the tickets and the scraps and keep his stuff neat (not organized since I didn't know how to do it with his stuff) but now when I find that my kids tend to do the same, it drives me crazy. My husband doesn't even realize that I've thrown away the tickets and the scraps...wonder why he then puts them away so safely in that drawer of his.
@sallyj (1228)
• United States
27 Aug 10
I am a hoarder. It is hard to keep up and sort and store all the things i want. I love to sew, grow a garden. So i keep containers for my plants. Many sizes as plants need to be planted at different depths at different stages. My sewing is a continuing process. I make braided rugs out of knits and quilts out of cotton and jeans. All and all i have a lot of stuff for a lot of future items.