Do you really have friends of is it just an illusion?

August 27, 2010 12:19pm CST
Hi everybody, I ask this because about 7-8 years ago I had 6 really good friends that would do anything for me and I would do anything for them. Now I know that they won't do anything for me and I don't think I would do anything for them. I can really say I would only trust in 1 good friend now. Have you all been through this and is it a part of growing up? Dan
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@Hatley (164471)
• Garden Grove, California
28 Aug 10
hi dan this happens I think to a lot of us, and some of it is just because they get so busy with their own families they often forget they are your friends too. I worked with a great crew when I was working in the library but even though I had been there for years after I retired I never got one phone call from all my great friends. maybe cause I was now not working there, and also a widow I no longer mattered. I do have one best friend who emails me from work each day and often picks me up to go to the bank or to Riteaide., we have been best friends for twenty odd years andwould do anything'for me and me for her too.
@GemmaR (8526)
28 Aug 10
I think that as you get older, you get less and less friends, but you keep the ones who mean the most to you, and the ones who are the most loyal. I have my boyfriend, and 3 close friends at home, plus another 2 close friends at university, then I have a lot of people who I can talk to, but I wouldn't tell secrets to, or confide in them, or anything like that. I used to have a lot of friends, and there used to be a group of about 20 of us who would go out every weekend, and I hardly speak to any of those people now. It is all a part of life though I think, and you will soon realise this, and realise that you're perfectly happy with the friends that you have.
@devijay78 (1575)
• India
27 Aug 10
As we grow older, our thought process changes and that might be the reason our childhood friends are not close to us now. Our experiences change us and we become different persons. Moreover, when we are young, there are very little things which matter except maybe having fun or studying together or going out together. Yes, it is a part of growing up and slowly we start realising what we like and dislike in our friends and choose them accordingly. I did not have many friends, just a few. But the number has shrunk considerably through the years and now I have just a handful. But my best friend for years is not in touch with me anymore, nor I with her. I felt she had changed and I did not know her anymore.
@dealerlv (264)
• Latvia
27 Aug 10
Good friends are few but all the others are only acquaintance. But 100% can not rely on any. The more frequently you meet witch your friends then you have a better relationship. At least witch me. The more friends the more difficult to meet them all. I have one childhood friend. Whatever happens we will always be friends as we have talked. We have already gone throught it. Yet I have two good friends who always help if there is time. Another is simply two friends which meets less frequently. One of them living another country and traveling to visit two times a year. Of course I have many acquaintance. Good friends are necessary and it is very important for me. Without friends life would be very boring. But there is a need to know who is your friends and who is not. I trust only those who I know very long time.
@gurka84 (66)
• Argentina
27 Aug 10
I have reakky good friends. I played rugby with them since I was 6.. we have been all our life together so y can say I have 8 friends I would trust my life to them.