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August 28, 2010 8:52am CST
i love to be in the middle of a good book so fellow lotters where is your best part of a book. is it the new start and going into the unknown first page? the middle when you know most of the characters and you are emerged in the story? near the end when you are coming to the part of story where things truly weave and twist ?or the end when you can tie up the loose ends of the story and think about which book to choose next?
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• India
28 Aug 10
Hi, Actually I like the middle the most. While you are in the mid-way you have ample scope to anticipate and interpret the future of the plot. This is the best phase because your imagination, at these moments, takes its flight to the extreme. The first phase of a book just serves as the background. It builds the necessary environment and information base for the entire book. The last phase is somewhat exciting and you are not given enough scope to think. You are so involved within the book that you want to see how it ends. Also after finishing the book you have a mixed feelings. If the book is interesting enough then you may also feel sorry and wish if the story could be a little longer. But having an interesting end always feels like an accomplishment. The middle portion is the place where your anticipation and imagination is exercised to it's maximum. Thanks. God bless you
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@bokal2703 (802)
• Philippines
28 Aug 10
I wish I could choose a part, but I really have to like the book from start to finish so I can understand and like it fully. however you are right about the middle part, it is also the part when you cannot actually put the book down, and continue to flip the pages until you realize the good story has ended.
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• United States
29 Aug 10
That's a hard one for me. I think I just prefer to be in a book period. If I'm not reading something then I feel utterly lost. I like the beginning because it's starting out on a new adventure. I like the middle because that's the point where I usually love the characters and am anxiously turning the pages to see what happens next. I like the end where everything wraps up and I can close the book with a sigh. (Hopefully.) I just like books.