How can we move on?

August 31, 2010 5:01am CST
It's been a week since the Quirino Grandstand tragedy but the news about the hostage-taking crisis is still making headlines. The Chinese nationals are still angry, they have even mobilize to conduct mass demonstration against the Philippines. In your opinion what can we ordinary Filipinos do to help our country and countrymen move on? Is it enough to create a Elite Strike Force or do we need to unite and start the REAL change that we are aspiring for?
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@rsa101 (16235)
• Quezon City, Philippines
1 Sep 10
Honestly, I think the best way for these things pass us by is to keep quiet about the issue and probably this will die down in time. I can truly understand the feeling that they as one nation would condemn us for handling the situation poorly. We cannot as ordinary citizens of this country change that anymore and the taint that one person has done the nation into great shame and all. I think for us to be able to recover from it is by doing what you as a citizen can do. Avoid doing bad and start doing what is right for the nation.
• Philippines
1 Sep 10
You're right! If only our countrymen can hear us here discussing what to do about the recent hostage-taking crisis so we can move on as a nation. The Media should shut up and focus on other issues like the fat bonuses of our good government officials, the dengue outbreak and extra-judicial killings. And at the same time P-Noy should lead us in moving on. He should start the reform in the government by uniting the 2 factions in his cabinet. Lastly, We as the Filipino should unite and aspire for the TRUE REFORM in our country as a whole not just in government but also in our society.
@ybong007 (6658)
• Philippines
8 Sep 10
Just give the chinese what they're asking, an objective investigation and let heads roll if need be and compensate the victims. We can't really blame them since it's clear as living daylights that there were a lot of lapses that happened. It could have been a different reaction if the proper authorities did the right thing but unfortunately that's not what happened. I guess, our apologies are not enough. The best thing to do is let those who are holding case do their investigation and we just have to move on. If the chinese wants to protest, it's their right as long as they're not harming any of our country men employed in their country. The protests may have a negative impact on us as far as the international community is concerned but that's just a consequence when you have untrained police officers and government officials who don't know what to do when a real crisis arise.