How do you deal with kids fighting?

@Empress4 (223)
United States
November 17, 2006 9:47am CST
What do you do when your kids fight with each other? with other kids? I am not talking about a knock down, drag out fight.. more like those piddely fights like "I want that" "he hit me". Normally I put them in time out in seperate "corners" but I could always use another suggestion. Thanks
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@beckyomg1 (6761)
• United States
18 Nov 06
Its hard to get them to stop fighting, i usally send each to their own rooms but alot of the times it doesnt work. somtimes they just have to get it out of thier system.
@Empress4 (223)
• United States
18 Nov 06
What do you do if your kids share a room? That is part of my problem.
• United States
29 Nov 06
when my two oldest (6 and 3) fight it drives me crazy. i just stop the fighting, remind them that they are all theyve got, that they need to love each other and be nice to each other. if that doesnt work, i tell them theyre going to bed if they dont stop. for the most part, my kids get along really well, but all siblings have those stupid fights, i guess its just part of growing up.
@birthlady (5613)
• United States
24 Nov 06
As long as it was petty bickering, I told my 3 children to work it out themselves. If they could not work it out, I took away the item they fought over. Hitting was never allowed, so if one hit another, the hitter lost the privilages.
• India
23 Nov 06
sorry i don't have any kids. kids fight, that is often seen. i leave them till the fight is over. because, they get to know each other well.
@baysmummy (1639)
• Australia
23 Nov 06
I have an only child so i dont have to put up with fights normally although when he is out sometimes he fights with other kids and i always say they can either sort it out themselves but if they decide to bring it to an adult then we sort it out and normally that toy or whatever will be taken off both of them and put away so most of the time now they sort out there own issues and just share!
@pancra (455)
• Argentina
22 Nov 06
I usually take away the thing they are fighting for, if I can. If they are fighting over something I can't take away, I separate them for a while and tell them to think of a solution, and then make them apologize to each other and tell the solution they thought. Sometimes, I just laugh, like the day my oldest one said "Mommy, he's breathing my air!"
@atticus (1381)
• Italy
18 Nov 06
never been in situations like that...
@rusty2rusty (6768)
• Defiance, Ohio
18 Nov 06
Great question. I rate it a plus. First thing I do is take the item they are fighting over away. If it is the tv. It gets turned off for one hour. Than I also seperate the children. Or make them sit on the couch. While I watch my (as they call them boring) shows. usaully they fall asleep.