What is the best way to make friends online?

September 1, 2010 5:05pm CST
I am just wondering what everyone thinks is the best site or way to make friends online. on mylot i have only afew friends and in really life i only have a few friends(but very good friends), face book i have loads of "friends" What is the best way to make really online friends? Dan
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• China
2 Sep 10
There are plenty of networking sites we can use.The most popular one seems to be twitter.Everyone is twittering everything they do.It's a great way to get to know people and make friends online.
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@hexeduser22 (5854)
• Philippines
2 Sep 10
I make friends here in mylot. I have met wonderful and beautiful people here and two of them are above me. I like this community. I'm not used to socializing online but mylot changed my thoughts about it
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• United States
1 Sep 10
Seriously though how many of those face book friends do you communicate with often? Here on myLot it is quite easy to make friends. Just keep posting quality discussions and responses and you will be bombarded with the requests. But this comes hand in hand you have to venture out and request to members who you truly find qualitative. Best of luck friend keep myLotting.
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@GardenGerty (96763)
• Marion, Kansas
1 Sep 10
On MyLot, you make friends by responding to discussions and exchanging information. On Gather, you view and comment on stuff. I guess what I need to say is that you make friends by deliberately involving yourself in their life.
@jugsjugs (13045)
4 Sep 10
Hi Dan,it is really easy here to make friends aswell as have fun.I think that the easiest way to make friends is just to join in on as many of peoples discussions that you like and if you like their discussions then just send them an add.I have been on here a year now and have loved every minuite.I hope you have fun on this site and i am sure that you will make lots of good friends.
@Hatley (164736)
• Garden Grove, California
2 Sep 10
hi dan I was taught be my dad that if you want to make frie nds you need to b e friendly so you are posting and responding and that will help you to make some really great friends here. Just keep on my lotting as I think we have the most unique way of making friends so easily by getting interested in each others lives and problems right here at mylot. On facebook you have a ton of people who you do not even know as they are fri ends of fri ends, here we learn to know each other more personally. I am a senior citizen and right now I am in the first place in rankings to my surprise too. I have been here three years and made a host of really great mylot friends. the best in the world.