How you will play a role of parents in your life ???

September 4, 2010 1:09pm CST
Parents are very importnat in our life. Our parents are the first realistic unite. Our parents are our love in life. Our parents had done lot of things for us right from childhood to til we got young. Parents teach us what is positive & negative. When i was little my parents teach me whom can i did my prey. My father was taking me with him if he had invited from his friends. There are so many things which our parents had done for us. What you will you do for your children or how will you play the role of parents in your life ??
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
15 Sep 10
I think that the most important role that we play as parents is that we need to keep our children safe from harm. In doing this we are making sure that all of their basic needs are met and also their emotional needs as well. Beyond that, I think that it is important as a parent to give our children the opportunity to have experiences. I also make sure that my children are able to talk to me, that is something that is very important in my opinion.
@sbbcackk (99)
• Ecuador
4 Sep 10
I think our role as parents is "simply" to guide them and help them find their own way in life. I've seen to often how some parents force their children into all sorts of activities because "that's what's best for them", even if the children don't like the activity and in many cases are clearly on the path to hating it. We do have more experience than our children, but we also need to let them gather their own and draw their own conclusions and learnings