Colloidal Silver Water???

September 5, 2010 3:54am CST
Guys can you help me?? What is the benefits of this Colloidal Silver water in our body. I drink this because they say that it have a lot of benefits. And it can cure some health problem...Did you guys use this??What can you say about this product.?
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@owlwings (39230)
• Cambridge, England
5 Sep 10
Colloidial silver is a suspension of small particles of silver in a liquid. It is known to be antiseptic (as colloidial suspensions of other metals like lead and mercury also are). There is NO evidence that it has any kind of health benefit in the human body and its sale as an alternative medicine is forbidden in many countries. For a more balanced view of its use in this respect than many sites, I suggest that you read the Wikipedia article here: