interesting observation....

United Arab Emirates
September 6, 2010 1:33pm CST
i have a interesting observation : If you give wife love and respect she will give you home, food, family....ect but it you by anychace mess with her life will be hell :) hahhahahah..... they know how to control every thing (no offense to ladies) Ladies comments are also welcome lol .
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@Hatley (164486)
• Garden Grove, California
6 Sep 10
hi and I have another interesting observation, tick off we ladies here with this sexist remark and you will not have many responses we do not like being told we make your life hell and if by mess with her life like step out on her and chase after other women yes I would applaud her for making life hell. she is not longer the little woman to pat on the head and refer to in you mind as a second class citizen, we now are equal and we now work and make our own living so we no longer need the little man around to feed us pat us on the head and say there there little wifie we are not just a step above your pet dog, we are equal, we are partners, we will be faithful to our hubbies but demand that same faith also.
• United Arab Emirates
6 Sep 10
@romania2 (237)
• Philippines
7 Sep 10
Yeah it is a sexist comment. If you change the "ladies"/"women" words to "men", it will still be true. I can't believe this is even a post.
• United Arab Emirates
7 Sep 10
i think its the discussion is not taken in the good sense, what was meant was a woen can make a happy family and if by any chance we as men make somemistake she can make worse.... there was no offense.... As a man i don`t think we can make a happy family as men don`t have the paitence for doing all the great work what women can do. I know this because my of my wife she is soooooo good and she makes my life sooo good and i thank god for everyminute of that..... (there might be some exceptional men, but i don`t think i am as good as her :(() Wife is a everything in a family and know how to manage everthing :)
@sukhsppal (117)
• India
7 Sep 10
I am not against women, I have seen some of my friends give love and respect to their wives, but getting fired by wives.
• United Arab Emirates
7 Sep 10
sukhsppal i know there are some exception always.........:)
@paula27661 (15899)
• Australia
8 Sep 10
Oh...Oh...This is one of those sexist topics which are not going to go down well with the ladies here; I know because I am one of them! Anyone can make another’s life hell man or woman. Why are you singling out females? Don’t you think that there are not any males out there who have ruined some poor female’s life? It works both ways; some people are not mature enough to be in a committed relationship and they could be a man or a woman.