would you forgive your bf/gf that already cheat on you two times? :(

sad girl - crying sad girl
September 8, 2010 5:36pm CST
hi guys^^ would you forgive your bf/gf that already cheated on you two times? first time you forgave and gave him/her a second chance. would you forgive him again this time? :( about me even if i loved him too much i wouldnt. first time i could forgive what he did but second time i wouldnt forgive him bcs that just meant he really didnt love me and i would forget him :) hopefully i could find someone better in future^^ the one for me^^ what about you guys? would you forgive or not? please share^^
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• Philippines
9 Sep 10
Hi sweetloveforeve! For me,I would definitely not. The first time is already hurtful for me and he have broken the trust that I have given him. If he does it again for the second time,I better hit my head so hard if I'll forgive him. Because some guys/girls take them gf/bfs for granted,especially when they knew how much their partner love them. They will be so very unfair,and it's not really right. Better leave your partner if you're not contented with him/her rather than making yourself look bad in the people around you.
• Philippines
9 Sep 10
A big NO NO for me. Once would be enough but twice is too much. I guess I would have no love for him anymore if he did it twice. I can forgive him for the first time but the second one is not. I was also cheated by my partner before and it hurts so much and I won't allow him to hurt me again the second time around. I know there are some better guys out there who is much worthy to have my sincere love.
@Lore2009 (7389)
• United States
8 Sep 10
No, I wouldn't forgive them the second time, and most likely, I wouldn't forgive them the first time either. But it depends on the situation.