Whats the problem with some americans

September 9, 2010 3:16am CST
You might be well known with the fact that some of the ill minded people like the PASTOR are trying to burn QURAN on 9/11 this year, do you think that are doing right.. its like " i dont like my neighbor, so im burning his house"
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@chillpill90 (1937)
9 Sep 10
It is nothing at all like burning someones house. They are allowed to burn it if they want to thats why in USA they have free will. I think these people are still mad about the terrorist attack and rightly so as there are still terrorsit threats and no on in Pakistan seems to be owning up to funding these training schools.
• India
9 Sep 10
yeah .. they have free will.. but the free will of few american's is endangering the life's of whole west.... if that sinful act does happen.. then an american or an european fears walking on the road alone in some other country..... he might be even against the burining of Quran.. Leave that.. just think of muslims living in america.. they would be soo hurt.. that it changes their interraction with the society.. and these all circumstances are taken as an advantage by terrorist groups who wage the war, calling it JIHAD.. Definitely Jihad is a right thing, and it means fighting for the cause of allah.. but that has a meaning which has been completely misunderstood by the world.. if some americans burns the QURAN(nauzubillah), then it doesnt mean to killing all americans is JIHAD. Striving of servant of allah against his own desires is also Jihad.. well.. im actually writing all these to explain how the term Jihad is misunderstood by the world.. do you still think that it should be allowed for those american's to do those sinful acts according to their freewill
@sid556 (31005)
• United States
21 Mar 11
Hi Haroon, It was actually one man who was collecting Quarans for the sake of butning them. They are books and most Americans thought he was just ridiculous. He did not have much of a following. So it is ridiculous that everyone got worked up over the burning of these books because the guy did not deserve the attention he got. Just as crazy is going on a killing spree because someone burned some books. How does it make sense to threaten to kill Americans because a very small group of them chose to burn a book they don't agree with. So It's ok to kill a bunch of people you don't agree with. You find that ok? I must be misunderstanding something here because I find it hard to believe that you find burning books more disrespectful than killing people. Really?