Sam Loomis Is A Failure

@elmiko (6640)
United States
September 9, 2010 4:33am CST
After the horrific events of Halloween 2 and profiting off the misery of the victims of Micheal Myers(from the in depth book he wrote about the serial killer), the former Shrink of Michael Myers in the Asylum Sam Loomis felt remorse so he decided to become closer to God by becoming a Pastor of a church. Everything seemed to be going well for so long like his career as a Shrink, but once again it seems hes going to take it several steps too far as hes throwing his Christian values out the window by burning the Quran. Pastor Sam Loomis has already lost half of his church members by planning to go through with this. Personally I don't think Pastor Sam Loomis can help himself. Michael Myers has just put too much of an emotional toll on him. The former shrink needs a shrink.
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