Placement fees

@zenki08 (700)
September 9, 2010 8:25am CST
If your applying for a job abroad and the agency asks for a placement fee how sure are yo that this is legit? Do the give receipt for this?
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@eykah13 (437)
• Philippines
9 Sep 10
Hi there!.. Let me share the Guidelines of POEA - Verify first if the job you are applying for was posted by a recruitment agency that is authorized or licensed by POEA - Make sure it has the proper job order and the person transacting business with you is legitimately connected with the licensed agency. - Do not pay any fee unless you have been HIRED and signed the employment contract. - Always ask for a receipt to any payment. Documentation costs to be paid by the worker shall include : Passport NBI Authentication Birth Cert Medicare Trade test Inoculation Med Exam fees So, in the event that the recruitment agency agrees to perform the process, the worker shall pay only the actual cost of the document which shall be covered by official receipts. Be careful in processing for job employment, there are alot of people who are victims of fake agencies. If they ask you money, make sure to let them break it down, so you would know which is which you are paying for. Goodluck!
@boymelvs (138)
• Philippines
15 Sep 10
eykah13 is correct, try to followed they say,checked first if the agency is listed license of POEA. its true that all agency is asking for a placement fee and i think it is normal procedure.but before you pay the placement fee make sure that you already completed all the documents needed. think twice if the agency is looking first you placement fee before your documents. it is common sense,how will you go to abroad on legal means if your documents if not complete? the legit agency can wait the payment and they will process your papers first (not your money) and the payment is last if the ticket and working visa is in your hand already.
@ruperto (1552)
• Philippines
9 Sep 10
It seems placement fees can be about a month's salary. Though some require two month's salary as the placement fee. Perhaps it is best to verify that agency is authorized by the POEA. Then an official receipt is required. You may want to have someone be a witness as you hand over the payment - just in case they do not plan to issue a receipt. What do you think ?
@rhodzptc (1319)
• Philippines
10 Sep 10
I think it is better to check the agencies if he they are authorized by the POEA, but take note of this some agencies are using fake names and that names is registered in POEA but in reality that agency is not their real name but they only used it. We have been victim of this kind of agencies so you must be careful you might find a list of legit agencies in POEA my friend.