Jonhhy Deep in Alice in the Wonderland -Boring!

September 10, 2010 8:17am CST
Johnny Deep's worst movie ever....Alice in the wonderland failed him, not as an actor but he didn't give the best to his audiences, they were only bored! My friends didn't like it, they story, the plot...despite the all the extravagance of 3D and Visual Effect, it was beyond! No offense,it is just my personal critics! For the record, Anna Hathaway looked so stupid! Please pass your Judgement on this movie!
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@p3ks626 (6550)
• Philippines
12 Sep 10
If you dont have a sense of fantasy then you really can say that is was the most boring movie Johnny Depp ever had. And that was the purpose of the director in trying to change something about the movie cause it wasnt just about the fairy tale one you watched when you were still young. If you think about the movie deeply and not be shallow, you'll know that the movie was good.
@dogsnme (1266)
• United States
11 Sep 10
I liked the movie. I saw it in the theatre and bought it on Blu-Ray a few days ago. I didn't like it as much in 3D because when I put the glasses on it sorta dimmed the movie a little. I'd have to disagree that it's Depp's worst movie ever. It's not his best; his best is Pirates Of The Caribbean in my opinion. But the whole reason I saw the movie was to see him play the Hatter. And I thought he did really well. It was a typical Depp role. I just thought it was a really fun movie.
@Angelwriter (1956)
• United States
10 Sep 10
I didn't think it was terrible. The main problem, especially for people who read the books, was they weren't open upfront that it was a sequel rather than an adaptation. And I did think a few things were on the gross side. It's not one I think I'll be watching again, but I've seen worse. But, surprisingly, the best part was Johnny Depp. I mean, I love his acting. Think he's one of the best there is. But, I was initially turned off by the previews and the whole Mad Hatter get-up and wild hair and make up. But his Hatter turned out to be very interesting and the look was no longer distracting.
@youless (92269)
• Guangzhou, China
10 Sep 10
I haven't watched this movie yet. But I have read many comments here and people said that the movie Alice in the Wonderland is very disappointing and it is much more like a horror movie. And never bring your children to watch it. What a surprise to hear that! I love China