Have you had reoccurring dreams? predictive dreams? important dreams? share them

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September 11, 2010 1:27am CST
Do you have any reoccurring dreams, predictive dreams or important dreams that you remember. If so please share them here. And also tell us what you think that your dream meant. In my case... I am remembering one dream that I had a few times... I was sleeping and all of the sudden there is an earthquake... I live in California where earthquakes happen so at first I thought it was real. I tried to get out of bed but my body was tired and cannot move easily. I looked out the window and saw that my building was tipping over... I wanted to cry out "stop" thinking that somehow that would stop the quake but could not shout the words. I then saw the image of my boss and got the feeling of some financial problems... The day after I had the dream, I went to my boss. She denied the financial problems were severe. I continued to have the dream. It turned out that she was concealing the truth about how severe the problems were and the foster care home that I was working in closed down. Last year, I had a similar dream. The same earthquake... but this time I managed to yell "No, stop" and saw in the dream the office building I was working in tilting slightly and people walking around the building to stabilize it. I found out later that the business I am now working for was in deep financial crisis, in the red for awhile, and hoping for a bail out or take over by another social service company. Everyone worked together to insure the stability of the company despite the shaky financial situation and the company was bought by another company which has given it new life blood so the dream in some ways reflected the future reality. Please share your important dreams, repetitive dreams and or predictive dreams here. Thanks.
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11 Sep 10
Hi whiteheron, I find it very interesting that you had these dreams when you did, and it tells me that you are more psychic than most people. In today's world too many people have gotten away from nature and even from the idea that such a thing is possible. Even Christians, who's holy book, the Bible, is filled with stories of dreams and visions don't seem to believe that it can happen today. Most have gotten away from listening to that still small voice within. I remember that both of my parents sometimes had predictive dreams and in the case of my mother, there was one dream that she had on several different occasions. My first wife and the mother of my children passed away suddenly at the age of 49. One of my sons told me later that he had seen it in a dream about two weeks earlier, and in fact had warned his brothers, which they also confirmed. While I often remember my dreams, most of my premonitions come while I am awake. Once when I was a young man and away from home, I was alone when suddenly I knew that my father was very ill. I cannot explain it as I heard no voice or anything like that, I just knew as certain as if I'd been with him. I even told some of my friends who I believe thought I'd gone off the deep end. I had no telephone at the time but what I "knew" was confirmed for me a couple of hours later. Only recently I was overly concerned about my youngest granddaughter who was starting school for the first time. For days I couldn't get it out of my mind that something was wrong. On her first day, the school put her on the wrong bus (She had turned four years old just a week earlier),than the bus driver let her off without a adult being present. everything worked out well and she is fine, thanks to the quick thinking of a thirteen year old girl. Yet the police had been called and were searching for her. As you can imagine, I always take such feelings very seriously. Blessings.
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13 Sep 10
I am glad that your granddaughter is okay!