feelings about the mosque an your feelings also on the burning of the quran

ground zero  - this is a picture of the towers after the terrorist attack.
United States
September 11, 2010 8:51pm CST
Myself Im not sure how I feel about this ? I known how I feel about ground zero.I feel it would be an insult to all that died there. To let a mosque be built over the remains,if anything there should be a momument with the names of all who died. In my heart as a christian I would not want anyone to burn the word of christ. I can see how they feel about there religion an the burning of there quran, I Also see the preacher used the only thing he could to get someones attention about how we feel about the mosque being built on a place so many have died ......
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• India
19 Nov 10
I am not American nor Muslim. But I am not supportive of a mosque at ground zero. I am also not supportive of burning quran. I think we should rather debate than getting physical. This does not mean Muslim should not build Mosque anywhere in the US; it's just that ground zero is not the place appropriate to build a mosque.