Shopping dilemma

United States
September 18, 2010 12:29pm CST
I currently shop at the CVS pharmacy store, and saw different prices on those hair conditioner bottles. Some were priced at above $5.00, and some were around $3.00 or above, and some were only $0.99 per bottle. I am a money saver, and I intend not to spend too much money on those hair products. So, I pick the VO5 brand name only cost around $1.00 per bottle. Would a $5.00 bottle have better result for you, do you think after you wash your hair? I don't pay much attention on how much effect on my hair, as long as my hair is smooth though. What would you pick?
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@cream97 (29166)
• United States
23 Mar 11
Hi. kingparker. I have bought the $0.99 cents Suave shampoo and the VO5 shampoo in the past. These shampoos works really good on my hair. It really does. It works just as well as if I paid more for it too. I think it is what they put into many shampoos that makes the difference. Not the price. I also use a cheaper hair conditioner and it is a named brand product. It works really well on my hair plus it does for all of my kids too.
@JoyfulOne (6242)
• United States
20 Sep 10
There sure are a lot to pick from! I use Suave for shampoo, and I often get it for 99cents. I think the difference in most shampoos is the scents and stuff they add to them. I don't splurge on the shampoo, and with my thin hair I dilute it some and it washes better, and rinses out better. I would never pay 5 bucks for shampoo. I will spend more on a conditioner though. There is a huge difference in conditioners. For instance, with my baby fine hair, I find that some of those expensive ones that are supposed to add volume, do nothing more than to weight the hair down. Even the pricier ones! I use Pantene for a conditioner, while not expensive, it does the job and leaves my hair more silky. I've used my one daughters shampoo and conditioners that were expensive, and I found I like what I use better at a much cheaper price. I think the key is to sample different kinds of shampoos in the trial sizes before buying a whole bottle's worth. Everybody's hair is different, and what works well for one often won't do as great for someone else.