how can i be strong enough to face all this trials in my life?

September 20, 2010 7:03am CST
i really described myself as strong person as a steel especially when it comes to my family.i am a 3rd daughter in the family, i have one older sister, one older brother, and my younger mom was separated with my dad since i was in grade 3 and living our life without the presence of our dad is very difficult. my mom is a part time teacher and raising a four children now a days is not that older sister married her husband without finishing her studies and haven't got any course.i am nursing student and haven't finish my college too due to financial brother finish his course with my help as i decided to find work and help my mom in family is my strength and they are also my weakness.i don't have a job now and i feel hopeless and useless.but i want to teach my siblings how to be independent too. the same thing that i did before up to they would know how to find work if i'am there to give and provide all that they would asked? right?we are all at the right age and we all know know what is wrong and what is right and i know they also knows how to be responsible. do i have to earn not only for myself but also to provide and give what they will asked for?or i must teach them a lesson to be responsible too even to their own needs?