Intimidating Co-worker

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September 21, 2010 9:41am CST
Have you ever started a job and they place you with someone to help you get use to the setting and how everything goes? This person is suppose to be like your mentor, someone you can turn to if you have any questions of concern. Then on the second day, this person begins to intimidate you, make you feel inferior to them and that you do not belong there. They are basically marking their territory, making sure you know that the company can do perfectly fine without you and you're more of a nuisance. This person makes you feel so bad about yourself that you go home every night wondering why are you still at that job or you contemplate looking for somewhere else to work even though your current job is close to your dream job. What would you do if you were that situation?
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@bird123 (10518)
• United States
22 Sep 10
Perhaps it's your co-worker who is really intimidated by you. In any event, the only one who can decide you are inferior is you. Don't let it bother you. Let it be the co-worker's problem. In the meantime, learn as much as you can, volunteer for the jobs no one wants. Soon the company won't be able to do without you. SMILE. See how that changes things.
• United States
21 Sep 10
I know exactly what you mean. I had that same situation in my old job. I used to work a security job so there were many things I had to memorize like cameras, fire exits, etc. The person who trained me was a female and very seasoned guard. But the way she said things and the way she trained me actually made me afraid of asking her questions. She seemed like a tough trainer. She also spoke very fast and rushed through my training which didnt make things easier, I guess ended up learning on the job instead of from her.