soon to be a mommy..... excited but also afraid.... Should I be afraid?

September 21, 2010 9:54am CST
I'l be a mom soon. So excited but also afraid. Why? because I know I have a big responsibilities. Don't know what to do. Need your opinion.
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@rachael5760 (2711)
• Israel
21 Sep 10
Mazel Tov! There is a wonderful book to read, and try to find it before you give birth: "What to expect the first year" by Eisenberg, Murkoff and Hathaway. The book details what to look for and what your baby may be doing at each month of the first year. There is a section at the back of the book, that is What to expect during the first six weeks. Read that first. The more information you have the better it is. Mazel Tov!!
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@peere05 (10)
• Saudi Arabia
26 Sep 10
great.don't be afraid.Resposibilities can be mutually shared by both partners.Be proud to be a women. Only women deserve this
@Hatley (164507)
• Garden Grove, California
26 Sep 10
hi renrentiu congratulations and do not be afraid at all.its a natural 'thing and you will breeze right through it.We all had these jitters the'first time we got pregnant but they disappear as you learn more and more about rearing a sweet little baby.You will survive and you may once again go through that for a second child.When you hold that little being that is all yours in your arms that first time you will be so full of love you will hardly be able to hold it. its a wonderful experience trust me.there are a number of great books for new moms out in the stores but do listen to your own gut instinct and you will do just great.
@Vaannoo (29)
• Canada
26 Sep 10
Take it as a game, so you at same time responsible but also enjoy it! its a big change in your life and i am sure you will be fine! Nothing to be afraid of here ether.... and remember with what thoughts yu give birth with is more likely to directly be settled on the mind of your newborn, so gather all the happy, loving feeling around you b4 you go into labour!
• United States
26 Sep 10
You really just have to breathe, take a good look at everything, and be sure that you have everything in order for when the baby does come. Don't stress to much, because for one that isn't good for the baby and two it will all come to you once you hold your child.
@jovie899 (112)
26 Sep 10
Congratulations!you will be a mom soon.same feeling as yours when i got mom told me that being a mother is the most wonderful thing in this that i have two kids i am enjoying them so much..
@slothgurl (573)
• Enumclaw, Washington
23 Sep 10
Yes, like Rachael said, read What To Expect The First Year. That book was a lifesaver to me. Just fill yourself with as much information as you can and you will be prepared. Come back on here and ask questions, there are plenty of Moms full of advice. Relax and trust your instincts. Motherhood is AWESOME! Congratulations.
• India
22 Sep 10
congrats! Just relax and try to feel good all the time.Try some meditation which can help u as well as yr baby in the womb. It has positive impact.Also indulge yrself into prayer and eat healthy.
• Indonesia
22 Sep 10
whoa cool ,you must prepare yourself first and when your baby get born dont forget to love her/him everyday and take care of him :D ,and always keep watch of the baby because sometime baby dont know what are they doing