Which is better, dark chocolate or milk chocolate

September 21, 2010 1:42pm CST
When I was a child, I couldn't get enough of milk chocolate. Now I am an adult, I am finding I really like plain chocolate, I used to hate it. I know it is supposed to be good for you, all those anti-oxidants, and there are so many types around these days. My husband comes back with two or three bars a week, and we get to try them, we limit it to two squares per day, otherwise I would be buying a new wardrobe come winter!!! Which do you prefer?
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• Philippines
21 Sep 10
When I was a kid, it didn't matter to me what kind of chocolate I am eating as long as it is chocolate. Now that I am much older, though, I've come to prefer dark chocolate simply because the bittersweet taste is more interesting. I still like milk chocolate, but I cannot eat a lot of it unless it has nuts or fruit in it. I never liked white chocolate because it does not taste like real chocolate at all.
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21 Sep 10
When I was a kid, I couldn't get enough milk chocolate. I don't eat it nearly as much now though. I have to be in the right mood. Plain chocolate still seems like a travesty though! Dark chocolate is better for you (particularly with health problems like chronic fatigue syndrome) but I can only take it in small doses.
• Australia
29 Mar 11
Dark chocolate is also good for diabetic , but not too much, especially when their blood glucose level is too low.
@nia1023 (134)
23 Jul 12
They say dark is better for your health. But i love milk chocolate better. It makes me happy. I love chocolate!
@smilemoon (767)
• United Arab Emirates
23 Feb 12
Maybe both. But the best as I always hear that the good one for health it the dark.
@wilmscz (104)
• Philippines
11 Feb 11
they say dark chocolate is healthier but plain chocolate taste better though.
@pogi253 (1587)
• Philippines
18 Nov 10
Dark chocolate contain health benefits that milk chocolate does not. Even though, the margin of difference is minimal. But what is a big deal for chocolate lovers all over the place is the taste. From person to person, there are different palettes of taste. Some like better the sweet, while others prefer the bitter. Nevertheless, here's the skinny on why dark chocolate is healthier and a little bit less fattening than the infamous milk chocolate. There is an instant difference between the two chocolates: the color. Milk chocolate is a lighter gloom because of the more sugary and dairy additives. A bigger amount of sugar and milk is added to milk chocolate, while dark chocolate is more of a natural representative of cocoa, because of a lesser amount of sugar added.
@camomile07 (1422)
• Germany
6 Nov 10
Black chocolate is healthier, it's also more natural, but I like more milk chocolate. It's also a good treatment for anxiety.
• Vietnam
6 Nov 10
Dark or milk are also taste good if u dont deny it. I love all kinds of chocolate, coz im really good at eating ^^
• Philippines
19 Oct 10
I prefer dark chocolate. I like its sweet and bitter taste, and it's healthier.
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
21 Sep 10
Well, dark chocolate is healthier for sure, it has been proven many times. But I guess I am a bit childish then, because I personally do prefer milk chocolate, always have!
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
21 Sep 10
i would have to say dark chocolate. i love the stuff and like you, i only eat a little bit of it each day (a chocolate bar lasts me for ions!)
@ladym33 (11008)
• United States
21 Sep 10
Well i know dark chocolate is suppossed to be really good for us in moderation but I really prefer the taste of milk chocolate, of course it is not so healthy for us, but it tastes so creamy and good. I have found really good dark chocolate bars though that taste almost as good, but I have also had some really bad bitter dark chocolate before. If I can find a good tasting dark chocolat I will eat that over milk chocolate because it is better for me. But I still love the taste of milk chocolate.
@petersum (4526)
• United States
21 Sep 10
Your taste buds definitely change with age. When I was young, I could gorge on white chocolate bars. I liked milk chocolate too but the plain stuff was given to my dad! Now, white chocolate makes me feel sick just thinking about it! Milk chocolate also tastes sickly. Only the plain chocolate, the more bitter the better, is good enough for my tastes.