How long have you played and completed GTA San Andreas? Do you cheat?

September 23, 2010 6:21am CST
Hello mylotters! Good day to all of you. I played GTA Sand andreas about a month and completed all of it's mission. And guess what, i played it using cheatcodes. It is very hard for me to complete all missions without entering cheat codes. Even if i entered some cheat codes, i still took a month of playing it. I know, without entering the cheat code, it will be very hard to complete missions. right? I tried many times not to enter some cheat codes because i want to challenge myself and complete missions with my hardwork. But sometimes if i took it difficult to complete, i am tempted to enter those cheat codes. i want to know if someone who did it just like me. hehehe! goodluck and good day!
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@o0jopak0o (6406)
• Philippines
23 Sep 10
well i have finished it but not completed it.
• Philippines
23 Sep 10
Did you find it difficult? did you use cheatcodes?
• Brazil
24 Sep 10
I finnish, complete is very difficult.
• Philippines
25 Sep 10
It would be more difficult if you will not use cheat codes. but you will never be challenge of some missions. there are missions on ehich you will be challenged even if you entered cheat codes.
• China
25 Sep 10
Hi!Good day to you.I had finished all of the missions without cheatcodes.As you said,this gams is si difficult for me to finish it,It took me 45 days to completed all the missions but not 100% completed.Now I ready to play the new DLC of GTA,but it's language is English,not Chinese,so I'm hard to know what the story is.
• Philippines
25 Sep 10
yeah you're right. i find it so difficult. But at least i enjoyed playing the game. It's because as if on real life. right? There are missions on which you need to practice and repeat it all over again and again. You will repeat it 100 times until you complete it successfully. It took you 45 days to complete it but me, it took me almost a month i think with the use of cheatcodes. hehehe! Is that the latest version of GTA the one that you mentioned? Goodluck to that. Hope we can play it and complete the missions successfully. right?
@Christoph56 (1508)
• Canada
10 Dec 10
I've completed the whole thing about 5 or 6 times, now... and I have a big thing on how I don't ever want to put in cheat codes, until I get through the whole thing. I started it up again just around last week, and completed the whole thing without cheat codes. I guess I've just gotten so used to it, now, that it's easy for me to get through. The hardest missions are actually ones that cheat codes won't help for, you just have to do everything perfectly. One that really bugged me was where you have to fly out over the ocean, turn your plane around, to get over top of another plane, and jump onto it. It's a long trip to get there, and if you don't do just the right turn at just the right time, that plane always out-flies you, where you have to fly back to the city and start all over again... no cheat codes would help for that one.
@cecil04 (409)
• South Africa
8 Nov 10
I have played and completed GTA San Andreas in two weeks. In gta cheating is allowed that's the whole theme of the game. If you went meant to cheat than why were cheat codes made for anyway. When I get my hands on a gta game I cheat first then play without cheating the second time around.