Euros to US dollars on paypal

United States
September 23, 2010 3:53pm CST
Hi if I get money sent to my account in the form of euros can I convert it to US dollars before I have it sent to my bank? If you do know how to can you please explain it to me. If not I think I can have it sent to make bank and converted for a fee but I would rather do it before I have it sent to my bank. If you can do it is there a fee on paypal?
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@crossbones27 (20780)
• Redlands, California
23 Sep 10
Are you playing anno1777 to?
• United States
23 Sep 10
yes and I have read that paypal will automatically change in to your local currency for a fee do u know if this is true?
• Redlands, California
23 Sep 10
I am not sure I was wondering about that myself let me go look at my paypal accout and I will get back with you
• Redlands, California
23 Sep 10
yes you can transfer euros to U.S. dollars but you have to pay aditional fee of 3.9 percent plus .30 cents anything over 3,000 drops to 3.5 percent
@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
19 Nov 10
yes you can convert euros to us dollars before sending them to your bank there are currencies converter on your paypal account whne you cna amaage and exchange different currencies on paypal as well..
@topffer (35538)
• France
11 Oct 10
When you receive a payment in another currency, you have the choice to open a line for this currency or it will be be converted to your currency by PayPal with a fixed 2.5% fee : it is very competitive and less than a bank. Personally I have Euro by default and another line in $. It can be interesting to keep your Euros in your balance, by example to buy in Europe on Ebay, with no fees or to wait a better $ rate to convert them. If you want to transfer your Euros to a bank account in US $, convert them before at PayPal, as your bank will probably take a lot more to convert them. I hope this help you.
@Devilova (5396)
• Indonesia
30 Sep 10
When you receive the payment using Euro currency, like you have said.At the time you open your Paypal account to accept it, the Paypal will ask you whether you want to exchange it with your currency or not.If yes, they will do it for you. For the fee, I'm not sure yet.Cause for the small amount, they didn't charge.Didn't know for the bigger amount. Also, it depend on the type of your account on Paypal too.