What would you do with your life, if you knew you could not fail?

September 23, 2010 4:48pm CST
I was laid in bed the other night and i was thinking about all the things ive ever hoped to achieve in life and i thought what if i could not fail. theres so much ide like to do but the thought of not being able to fail would either make me lose interest in trying or make me question why i was even trying. What would you do with your life if you couldnt fail?
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@maezee (30148)
• United States
23 Sep 10
Well, I don't think that.. being afraid of failure is a good way to not pursue your hopes and dreams! You have to have faith in yourself.. Otherwise you'll get nothing accomplished. I'm the one to talk, though. I have "plans" but not enough money to put them into action, of course. I've finished 1 year of college and owe $3,000 for it that I need to pay them before I can start again. But I DREAM of finishing up my undergrad degree and then going to law school. I also want to be a bartender on the side! It would be pretty sweet to have a nice home by a lake, be financially stable, and have a graduate degree - I'd be the first in my family to have all 3. lol.
23 Sep 10
i agree with you, you have to have faith. To me confidence in yourself is a key to success. I just think that not being able to fail at anything would take the buzz out of achieving a goal. Also i hope everything works out for you with law school and money seems to be the wall when trying to get to alot of places for alot of people but i bet its worth it once your there. To drive for something in life makes it worth it so good luck and thank you for your post
@crossbones27 (16715)
• Redlands, California
23 Sep 10
Well if you could not fail you would be rich with your dream dirl chillin on the beach sippen on margaritas all day
23 Sep 10
This sounds nice but even if you couldnt fail you would still have responsibilities in the job you get wouldnt you? Plus as good as it sounds everyone gets bored of the same thing dont they, wouldnt you like to achieve more?