What do you watch when you come home from school, work or whatever?

@LifeGuru (923)
September 24, 2010 2:20pm CST
Okay, in the late afternoon... I tend to watch a bit of Young and The Restless - a show that not a lot of people I know who are my age are into watching... xD Since they're all into watching these stuff on MTV, Much Music and all these teenage drama love life stuff. Y&R's got some hot guys in there! C'mon! The guy who plays Beastmaster's in there. ;D Though the plot line may be weird but I'm in it for the awwwwweess, the ooOoOooooos, and the OMG he's with her now? Or OMG they're together again?!?!? Sort of stuff. :P It's good for sheer entertainment I use to watch too many soaps when I was younger, but now I just don't really have time for much TV coz I got work. :P In the evenings, I prefer to watch some House, NCIS, NCIS: LA, Bones, occasionally the Office. I would normally watch WWE Mondays and/or Fridays but since I no longer have that channel, I'm so out of the plot line and I kind of lost interest. o.o Anyways, enough about what I watch. What do you watch when you come home from work, school, or where ever you drive or walk from and just sit around and watch? -_-" Youtube, and other sites online does not count for TV in this post. :P
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@appalo (33)
• United States
25 Sep 10
I love Days of our lives. I like 2 1/2 men, big bang theory.
@LifeGuru (923)
• Canada
26 Sep 10
OMG! I use to watch Days when I was a kid. -_-" Sadly, miss a few episodes then it's hard to follow like most soap operas. xD I don't even know what time that thing is anymore.
@douwie (84)
• United States
10 Oct 10
i always watch phineas and ferb , its maybe a children program but its so really funny!!! and in the evening i watch NCIS (LA) or CSI or house or acording to jim!
@Fishmomma (11423)
• United States
24 Sep 10
I use to watch Perry Mason; however, no longer airing in this area. Now I watching Airline on the Lifetime Channel. It amazes me to see people try to get on an airplane when they shouldn't even be walking like the man who was really sick on one of the episodes.
@BrittneeD (261)
• United States
24 Sep 10
I usually watch what ever is on the CW like the Tyra show or on Fox I watch the doctors since these are both on when I get home. Then I usually go on the computer and don't watch TV again untilater when the sitcoms are on cbs or abc. I don't have cable so I always watch these shows like two and a half men, big bang theory, How I met your mother. Those types of shows are my favorite.
@IoanaBI (494)
• Romania
24 Sep 10
movies, movies, movies..it is my relaxation time and i like to see what other lives could be like :D