how do you??

September 25, 2010 3:00am CST
how do you effectively lose weight?! I've been trying since January and still nothing's happening... Or maybe it's just me.. Well, it's not like i work out a lot, i don't even work out at all!! :) I just go through every diet book my mom ever had, follow what it says, and then i binge again.. It's actually frustrating!! Well, i'm not someone you can call "fatso".. i just think i'm "heavy".. Can anyone tell me how to do it?? ;p
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@Jagokonte (123)
• Greece
1 Oct 10
The most effective way is a combination of regular exercise and a healthy and fulfilling diet that will encourage you to lose fat mostly. The basics are to split the same amount of food you eat into four or five meals. The meals should contain lot of protein and the least fat (for example 4gr of fat in every meal) avoid especially saturated fat, avoid processed and ready-to-eat-precooked foods, avoid lots of carbohydrates (especially sugars), choose foods that are rich in fibers (fibers help your metabolism), have a good meal in the morning (waking up early is also a good habit that will help you lose weight because it stimulates your metabolism), avoid meals in the night and eat your last meal 2-3 hours before sleep. Regular exercise can be a simple habit like walking at least about 1 hour daily while shopping. Choose a preferable sweet like chocolate and eat it in small amounts when you feel like you want to (like 150gr per week is ok as long as you follow the rest). Eat eggs (4 per week), choose chicken between other kinds of meat, choose yogurt between milk and cheese, choose fruits between get the idea.
• Philippines
2 Oct 10
jeez..thanks.. Although it would be hard for me to eat only one slice of chocolate (cause i really really love them) i would try that routine. But first, i know i have to curb my binging. I have this certain desire to eat sweets, you know. But thanks, i appreciate your advice..:)
• Greece
2 Oct 10
You are welcome!... Everyone has a certain desire for something, some people like to eat sweets, it is not healthy to stop eating sweets, you just have not to overdo it, that is why healthy diets must include a preferable sweet. I have found out that most people choose chocolate. Besides the taste chocolate actually release hormones that make us feel good deep inside. It also contains caffeine which boosts our thinking for a while. Just avoid chocolate products that contain biscuits and other carbs... simple chocolate is good !
• United States
30 Sep 10
Like you, I'm heavy but not "fat". In April, I followed a yoga program in iTunes. I did this for a month and in spite of the kind of "exercise" I'm doing, I was able to lose weight :) A key thing for me is drinking a lot of water. One other thing I did was cutting down on white sugar. The most important thing in all this is to love your body before anything else, before starting a diet, before figuring out what you want to eat. Loving your body will give you the right mindset for weight loss and over all health.
@anurag3786 (6275)
• India
27 Sep 10
I think if you really want to loose your weight then exercise is the best way for you. I also doing exercise daily and it is effected on loose my weight. And also you should avoid fat food. Means those types of foods in which the quantity of fat are very high. And the exercise is must. So if you always doing exercise then you can loose your weight very soon.