Why do ant carry 5 times there weight?

United States
September 25, 2010 2:01pm CST
I saw an ant carry a water melon and its 5 times their body weight and why cant human beings do that..?
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@IoanaBI (494)
• Romania
25 Sep 10
Hello Pnoyballer! Some things are what they are and we should let them that way because they are for the best. If a apple was 10 times the weight of a man, i think that the man will have the strenght to pick it up, because of evolution and adaptation functions during a very very long time. We all adapt, plants, animals, humans to our necesity
• United States
26 Sep 10
Ok but why cant we adopt into having big human strength hahaha lol
@inedible (769)
• Singapore
26 Sep 10
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Square-cube_law Check the part on biomechanics. A larger creature has less muscular strength per unit mass. That is, ants can carry several times their body weight precisely because they're small. A human-sized ant wouldn't even be able to move.