People just don't get it....

September 26, 2010 5:45am CST
You must have read the article on Yahoo today. Here's the link. I didn't have any problem with the article. In fact I admire how the officials of the place implement such rules in order to protect wildlife and humans alike. It's the comments of some stup!d people who wanted the boy to be left alone to do his crazy stunts. Had he died, I'm sure those craps would point a finger at the officials! Please feel free to react.
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@dawnald (84124)
• Shingle Springs, California
27 Sep 10
Left alone to what? Drown? Idiots...
• Australia
19 Oct 10
Annoying comments right?
@Hatley (152027)
• Garden Grove, California
26 Sep 10
theresaaiza I am totally with you, those people made some of the most stupid, idiotic comments which show how many people just see that boy as a freaking hero and do not begin to realize that that huge whale if it breeched would likely smash that' idiotic boy to pieces. for God's sakes this is a wild animal not a tame pet. Do show some common sense, oh yes c ommon sense is really uncommon there.]
• Australia
6 Oct 10
Hi Hatley. I know. Some things just need to be appreciated from afar.
• India
26 Sep 10
well thats the way people are. well we have people in the world blaming Beethoven music and picasso paintings. well no mater good or bad there always will be space for a blame. well there was a guy who was blaming me for not having a good hair and this guy was bold. see thats how these people are.
• Australia
6 Oct 10
Beethoven and Picasso were blamed? For what? I don't see any reason why people with such talents could be blamed for anything., As for that bald person. Hahaha, don't worry he couldn't tell the difference between dirt in your eye and a log on his own.