if found a lot of jewels while swimming would u keep it or say to the police?^^

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September 27, 2010 2:49pm CST
hi guys^^ imagine that you are swimming and suddenly find a lot of jewels^^ would you catch it and keep it or would you say to the police?^^ i remember one day i talked about this with my sister and she said we have to say to the state we found that bcs it belongs to country but what would you guys do? is like we be known by find the jewels but they dont give us any. neither a little prize to find that so what would you do?^^ i would catch a few^^ all maybe wasnt possible but i would catch a few^^ noone would need to know anyway :) and would sell a few to have money for my family and for me and also for poor people^^ give to the state was only for them to even have more money and normal people would continue working as slaves so i would try to catch all slow by slow and would sell some to help people^^ at least i know to whom the money would go to^^ but if warned the state they would put in museum or something and people would have to pay to visit that and money would go to state and not to help those that work much to live. wouldnt you guys do the same?^^ please share^^
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• Philippines
27 Sep 10
Of course i'm gonna keep it. Maybe it's a crime in some country but here it isn't so i'm gonna keep it and sell it afterwards. :) it's nice to be honest these days but it's also wise to be practical. After all, it's the owner's fault why their jewelry got lost.
@goldeneagle (6775)
• United States
27 Sep 10
I assume that you mean finding them while swimming at the beach, and as far as I know, according to maritime law, anything you find in the ocean is yours to keep, so you wouldn't need to call the police at all. Of course, I would probably never get lucky enough to find anything of value while at the beach, so I will probably never have to worry about making this decision.