If you could make ur own Geki-genki, what would it be?

@fpsninja (874)
September 29, 2010 4:07pm CST
Hey all Now ive been watching naurto, and ive seen all the dubbed (just got to wait for more i suppose), but basically, i now understand all about Geki-genki. The way that it is 2 or more types of style of jutsi (Fire, earth, Water, wind and lightening). My question is, if you could make ur own jutsi, what would it be? Just for your information, i havent got far enough to know what the light and dark of each type is about yet, but there have been hints. Anyway, i think i might combine Lighting and fire, to make a sort of firey thunderbolt style attack. Also, i would be able to fend of water attacks (i imagine water is good for fighting fire) using lightning, and electrocuted the person. Hmm... What about you, what would you use?
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@Near2011 (155)
• United States
27 Jun 11
I'll do the impossible. I'd create a water and fire one. The simple fact they they are existing together should speak volumes about the power of the attack. That or combine Light and Dark
@doggydimon (1379)
• Philippines
15 Dec 10
I was thinking if we can make a flaming rasengan. It will incinerate any enemy that it touches while he/she is being torn apart by the rasengan...hahaha...
30 Sep 10
i think that any stance that is used okay okay just depends on who uses it,for example shikamaru.shikamaru using only her brain and the step that mediocre he can beat anyone his opponent,although still far less brain power than kakashi hatake. my conclusions: the step that might be mediocre would be great used by the right people or be able to master it. thank you