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United States
September 30, 2010 6:08am CST
I manage a call center and I am dedicated to our largest customer and manage all of the call center staff for that customer. Recently they have restructured their internal policies and put in mandates. That caused a decrease in volume so I had to move over half of my staff to other accounts. Most are now working from home and love it. So I was left with a very small staff but they are busy. The big bosses flew in for the day to have meetings with me to say dont worry your job is safe. Cannot tell you how many times they told me. The client loves me - that i do know. They leave for the airport. I am feeling good. 5 minutes later I am packing up to go home and my director (who sits in my office) says oh by the way - all your staff now report to ME! My head started to hurt, I thought I would throw up. I had to leave to get my car from the shop. She told me - you still have a job so I am not sure why you are upset! She stole my employees to keep her job! None of this was mentioned while the big bosses were there. It is so unethical. I now have a title but am merely like a secretary. My client has no idea and I still have to act the same and work with them. My whole world has been turned upside down. I am sending out resumes left and right but with this economy it is hard to even get a no thank you email. My one nibble would mean moving to Florida. I am in my 7th house right now - 3rd state! I did live in Tampa for 3 years and we did like Florida. I would have to rent out this house though since I bought in a new development and you can now buy a house for a little less than what I paid 2 years ago. How do you feel about the company you work for? Do they have your back? or do you watch your back? It's not a good feeling at all. I do not know who to trust anymore.
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• Canada
2 Oct 10
I always watch my back. I usually assume that people will do whatever is best for them and to hell with me. Unless someone's motives are in line with my own I don't count on them doing anything for me. It's a very cynical way to live but sadly I am right more often than I am wrong.
• United States
2 Oct 10
Unfortunately you are right in your thinking. No matter how much anyone professes they are watching out for you the reality is they are not.
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• India
30 Sep 10
I think there are number of persons and they all have variety of nature. This is a general scenario in humans to do and to be a part of politics. I don’t support this. But this is natural. Think if all have the same thoughts and same skills. I think life would have become boring and also not secure. I think here is your skill to prove your self and you have done this. In my office I am new and alone by the time as I am not the part of any group by now. My company is a very small company and I am in learning phase.