I Feel Guilty

@misalax (307)
September 30, 2010 4:35pm CST
So some of you have read my discussions regarding my stress in school and stuff. Well here goes another one that got me continuously frustrated. Well my first week ended, and a while ago I've had a small discussion with my level head, and I told her my case. She said I can't take those two languages because its impossible (its on my mind as well) and just tonight when I got home mum asked me if I want to change those because one of her co workers informed her about the school systems here and how I don't really need to take all the hard crap. I'd gladly change but the books were so expensive, I told mum about it and she said we'd keep it and I don't need to worry which made me even more sad as my mum spent TOO MUCH already. Thoughts?
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@maezee (34591)
• United States
30 Sep 10
I missed your other discussion. Sorry you're stressed about school. Sometimes you can sell back the books back to the university or a local used bookstore or used textbook/school store and get some of the money back. Plus, if you're in the United States, those purchases ARE tax deductible best to my knowledge. I don't know your situation, again, but couldn't you try to take hte classes you were originally planning on taking and seeing if it works for you? I don't think anything is "impossible" as far as school goes. Do you?
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@misalax (307)
• Ireland
1 Oct 10
We are required to buy the books from another shop, not the school, and the books aren't refundable :( And mum said we'd just keep them just in case I'd need them in the future. I'm from Ireland by the way, so things are naturally costy x.x And yes starting next week I'd go with my original subject line because I know I'd do better at it. After all I'm just a week old in the school and the principal said I could still change my mind.
@SinRealm (559)
• Philippines
1 Oct 10
Don't worry about it. I suggest you change, if you do you won't have to be forcing yourself to learn something that you'd have a hard time learning. You'll regret not changing later on. As for the books, since they are both language books, they can be useful to keep around. Those kind of books can be kept at home. We've got language books lying around here, unused and all. But sometimes people read them. :)
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