Computer wouldn't cause CANCER?

October 1, 2010 5:04am CST
Part of my job is to face the computer for the whole day. Is it really true that too much exposure with it would cause Cancer? What's your idea about it?
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• Philippines
7 Oct 10
I haven't read any study that computer causes cancer.
@owlwings (39875)
• Cambridge, England
1 Oct 10
There is NO truth in the rumours that using a PC can cause cancer. In the very early days of VDUs and television, some monitors were imperfectly screened and emitted small quantities of UV and X-rays. This was completely resolved at least 20 years ago and now NO computers or screens emit any kind of harmful rays. Wireless connections broadcast in the same bands as microwave ovens but unless you are constantly sitting with a wireless aerial an inch or less from your head, there could be no possibility of damage.
@misalax (307)
• Ireland
1 Oct 10
I think it does like how cellphones do. Computers also have radiations exposed at us, and too much of it is bad you know, I have no idea though if it definitely causes Cancer, or another type of disease.
@knicnax (2234)
• Philippines
1 Oct 10
I never thought that computers can cause cancer. i thought cancer's more hereditary. anyway, in my opinion,the worst thing a computer can cause you is to electrocute you, or fill your rTom with a burned capacitor smell. crt monitors are said to be emitting radiation,but your microwave is spewing more radition than your monitor.
@Jalle1 (132)
• Denmark
1 Oct 10
Uhm, I have never heard of that theory. The Computer shouldn't be sending out any kind of signals, that would in theory cause cancer. Cellphones can cause cancer, though Computers shouldn't do it. Do you have any references about this question? :) happy myLotting