Felt jealousness in your relationship ?

October 2, 2010 4:08pm CST
I had this discussion with my friends yesterday about jealousness and some of them told me that women are more jealous in general and they tend to envy the success of their partners more often than men. I remember myself being jealous in some relationship but I think it is healthy as long it is a little bit and you don't envy your partner. What do you think ? Have you ever felt jealousness?
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• India
3 Oct 10
Hello there, Well I think it's kinda normal to be jealous in a relationship. I was jealous when I was in a relationship. After she broke up with me, now it's her turn to be jealous. Jealousy is an integral part of romantic relationship. A moderate amount of jealousy is healthy, but some people become so obsessed with it that they start acting paranoid. Now, this is not what you expect in a healthy relationship. It may even lead to a break up. Obsession of any kind, is bad. Thanks. God bless you.
• India
3 Oct 10
Because I know what she lost, she doesn't.
@amelialsc (162)
• Malaysia
4 Oct 10
Why do we need to feel envious over our partners. If our partners can provide more, we can spend more. If I can provide more, we can share the success more profoundly. Jealousy is something something evil that was created to set human apart. When jealousy creeps in, definitely damaged will come along. I have felt jealousy and definitely I would want to change this jealousy into something positive, because a success is something that is given by our god. No matter how hard we have the feeling, it is good to acknowledge it, discuss with our partners and see in which area we could minimize it. Maybe your partner brags to much and saying how good she/he is as compared to his/her partner. With that comment, maybe you are hurt secretly. Be mindful, understand the situation and sort it out. It is our responsibility to acknowledge the consequences of such a petty manner.
• United States
3 Oct 10
Well i understand what you mean but i din't think i'm jealious i think i feel a little bad when they are more scuessful but it just makes me want to try harder to be as succesfull i don't want to be more cause i don't want them to feel how i felt when i was
@joddie (173)
• Philippines
3 Oct 10
I don't feel jealous with regards to success of others but i feel it more in my relationship with the opposite. I know that it is not a healthy one. I envy those who are not affected at all.