What makes you feel awkward when your watching a movie with family and friends?

United States
October 2, 2010 6:23pm CST
I don't know what it is but when a couple gets together (you know what I mean) I'm always blushing. I know I'm lame, it's very awkward and weird to watch something like that with your family. Nowadays it seems that a lot of that is going on in movies and it kinda ruins it.... Those horror movies are the best though because I'll just be like "You shouldn't be doing that because Freddy or Jason is going to kill you for it." It seems that the couples die and then the helpless innocent girl like myself is let to fight for her life against a psycho path!
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@thaMARKER (3096)
• Philippines
4 Oct 10
Nothing really.. we know what to watch when we’re all gathered in our living room. We sometimes consider others genre. My father and bro loves action movies and I love just about everything except horror sometimes. My mother likes drama but we all like whatever movie we have on screen anyway.. watching movies is one our past times at home.
@Jagokonte (123)
• Greece
4 Oct 10
I just never blush. Its not a respond that I know. The only time I feel awkward is when we watch films with friends that are supposed to be good and are unbelievably boring but I watch them anyway
• Canada
3 Oct 10
it would be weird if i was watching a romance movie with the family and my younger sister has her boyfriend over while i'm there with no one to hold.
• India
2 Oct 10
Well maybe you are right but you can see that in most movies there is a happy ending and the innocent psycho girl always wins and gets herself a boyfriend who's really handsome and cool. That's the happy endings... For me i wouldn't want to watch college or school movies with my family. I would just watch...well... a family movie only. They are the best when you watching with family because then you can move away from the movie whenever you feel bored. If you are watching some action movie and your parents don't allow you to watch till late nights then it ruins your mood. So save the good movies for later! Cheers!