bungee jumping

October 3, 2010 5:40pm CST
Wow, has anyone ever tried this? trust me it's one of the funnest things one can try. the experience is just too amazing for words. I also tried reverse bungee jumping. It was in Majorca, basically you are strapped to a seat and slingshotted into the air (the seat doesn't detach) at around 100mph, enough to make anyone scream in enjoyment.... trust me, if you are ever there then it is a deifnite must for anyone, (assuming you are the required minimal height).
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@Jagokonte (123)
• Greece
4 Oct 10
Why did you categorized bungee jumping in traveling? You are not traveling when you are falling, or are you ? :D
• Italy
4 Oct 10
It's under traveling because in order to get to the best bungee places you actually need to travel. The reverse bungee jumping slingshot thing is in Majorca, Spain; while the normal one I went to was in Switzerland...
@maximax8 (28558)
• United Kingdom
4 Oct 10
I wouldn't ever want to do a bungee jump because it would be way too scary for me. When I was traveling in Queensland in Australia I knew two girls that had gone bungee jumping. They got a video of themselves doing the bungee jump. In it they had something tied around their feet and they were hanging over a river on a piece of rope. I haven't been to Majorca and reverse bungee jumping sounds just as bad as normal bungee jumping. I have been para sailing tree times and I loved doing that. I did that in Fiji from Beachcomber Island, from Long Island in Australia and from Day Dream Island in Australia.
• Philippines
3 Oct 10
That's always one of my dreams, to experience bungee jumping. I'd like to feel the thrill of the jump. You're description of reverse bungee jumping seems like a lot of fun too!
• United States
3 Oct 10
Nuh Uh!!!Blackfolks don't jump unless they are in the Military! lol lol