Stimulus Jobs

@bobmnu (8160)
United States
October 4, 2010 1:22pm CST
Newsmax posted an article on the jobs create or saved. In the article they point out that 4 out of 5 jobs created were new federal jobs. As the federal jobs grew the private sector job were shrinking and reducing wages. Every government job created is a job a job that will continue to increase in cost every year. Is that what we thought we were getting when we were told about the stimulus bill or did we believe that it would save private jobs.,1_5813516_ACRqv9EAAFRPTKkcigbz1zOJFgc,1_5813040_ACNqv9EAALfpTKkcXQR330lLKLk,1_5803797_ACRqv9EAACrUTKjIXQc6NDdPr7w,1_5801061_ACFqv9EAATsXTKiqcQyii3ZBqrc,1_5797640_ACJqv9EAAKKgTKibVwU6vDA7fFU,1_5806451_ACVqv9EAARE2TKjvoANXgSmeQYg,1_5783410_ACVqv9EAAGBCTKg9PQzXD1Y9Wlk,1_5772434_ACdqv9EAAF8vTKd96w6T6wqHA8w,1_5762959_ACFqv9EAAWy2TKc59Q8IBzhrHhs,1_5756871_ACJqv9EAANrHTKcSpgqEDFqC2kw,&sort=date&order=down&startMid=0&hash=1a82e408d23c529344fedbbc4ab9212a&.jsrand=9417613
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@mldsmd (39)
• United States
4 Oct 10
that's awesome...way to go Dems...get us those wonderful jobs that will continue to suck our tax dollars. wonder what those fed "jobs" actually are? probably jobs to find ways to fee us even more!
@bobmnu (8160)
• United States
5 Oct 10
The problem with Government jobs is that the job becomes n on going expense and the cost will increase every year.