Cash Gopher site down?

@KateVonP (172)
United States
October 4, 2010 3:14pm CST
Is the Cash Gopher site down or is it just my computer? Has anyone else tried to go to that website today? It gives me an error message when I try to load it. I thought maybe it was my computer but I am not so sure. Let me know if anyone has tried it today! Thanks
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@whmike (19)
• China
5 Oct 10
Don't worry. CashGopher is just at the beginning. If you were a programmer,you would know that each programm has its own bugs and it's impossible that a programm has no bug at the beginning.So don't worry,it can just prove that CashGopher is progressing!
• Canada
5 Oct 10
The site is working just fine now. I think the biggest problem is that the server can't handle the traffic. This happens on many sites whose servers have several other sites on them for hosting. If this is the problem, they will figure it out and try to deal with it. When the site is down, it certainly isn't out for very long, which is better than some other sites out there.
@owlwings (40037)
• Cambridge, England
4 Oct 10
Yes, the website is down again (with a different error). No programmer is perfect and they are obviously trying to make improvements to the site. Do not be alarmed, have patience ... and be sure that MyLot will probably delete most of these discussions! They are nothing but 'frights in the night'
• India
4 Oct 10
i also do think that cashgopher is down or there is something wrong with it because its not showing must earning even i have been browsing net for more than 10 hours these days and lots of links are being opened by cashgopher itself. mylot must have to remove the bugs in the software soon
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
4 Oct 10
The message keeps saying "Server Error". So, there is a problem with the system. It is not the computer problem. We have to wait and see.